Introducing the Enhanced Profile

Posted October 1, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

Today we’re rolling out an enhanced version of the profile page to all users. After weeks of testing various versions with a small group of users, we’re ready to share the latest version with all of our users. The cosmetic changes, outlined below, make it easier to find the information you’re looking for on a person’s profile.

Here is an overview of what changed:


  • Immediate Family can now be collapsed or expanded.
  • Nicknames and Occupation have been moved down to the Personal module of the Overview tab.
  • Email has been moved down to the Contact module of the Overview tab.

Overview tab

  • Photos, Videos, and Documents are part of the new Media tab.
  • Friends and Collaborators are part of the new Activity tab.
  • Some Statistics have been moved to User Statistics on the new Activity tab.

Info tab

  • The info tab has been removed.
  • Personal and Contact modules are now part of the Overview tab.
  • Education and Work History can be found on the profile’s Timeline.
  • Favorites have been removed. You can still find the information on the Favorites tab when you edit the profile, but eventually this information will be removed altogether, so please copy it if you would like a record.

Activity Tab

This new tab only appears on user profiles and includes Recent Activity, User Statistics, Collaborators, and Friends.

Media Tab

This new tab gives you one place to view photos, videos, and documents of this person.

We hope you like these enhancements. You can see them yourself by viewing your profile.


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