Introducing the Geni API

Posted December 15, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

After more than a month of alpha testing, we are proud to announce today’s release of the first version of the Geni API.  The API allows Geni users to develop third-party tools and applications that can interact with the breadth of data that the community has contributed for the past three years.

To use the API, visit and register your application.  (Note: If it is a desktop application, you can enter any callback URL you wish, such as your application’s product web site.)

Documentation for the API can be found at  This version of the API allows for interaction with Geni Profiles (including some merge features) and Geni Projects.

Our developers have also included a sample ruby application for reference.  We’ll continue to update the developer documentation as additional information is available.  Follow the Geni API Project to participate in conversations about the API and to receive updates as we release new features.

All inquiries about the API can be sent to

Additional technical information about the Geni API can be found on Tamura Jones’ website, The Geni API and The Geni Model.