Introducing Value Indicators for Matches

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Great news – we’ve just made Record Matches and Smart Matches™ smarter with new Value Indicators. This enhancement is designed to make your matches more useful and save you time.

You’ll recall that Record Matching automatically finds matching historical records for your family tree from MyHeritage’s growing collection of billions of newspapers, birth, death, census and other records. Smart Matching™ automatically finds matches for your family tree in MyHeritage family trees so you can discover new ancestors and relatives, connect with other family tree owners, and reunite with long lost family members.

Now with Value Indicators you can quickly see which matches will add the most value to your family tree. Each match now describes what new or missing information it may provide to you. It can be a father missing in your Geni tree, a birthplace, a more complete date of death, or more than a dozen other criteria. This way you can make the best use of your time by going over the matches having the highest value first.

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Record Matches and Smart Matches™

Value Indicators on a Profile

When you view your Record Matches and Smart Matches™, you will now see a bar beneath the number of Matches. Matches that contain more new or complete information (compared to your family tree) will have a longer bar to indicate more value. Hover over the bar to reveal what new information these matches can bring to your family tree. You’ll find this new bar everywhere you see matches, including on profiles, in your family tree, and in your Merge Center.

Value Indicators in the Tree

Note that Value Indicators are not yet available for Tree Matches, although we plan to add them in the future to make merging on Geni tree smarter too!

Confirmed Matches

If you’ve confirmed some matches in the past, you are encouraged to go over them again now to ensure you’ve extracted all their value into Geni.

A Confirmed Match with Additional Information that Can be Added to the Profile

If you have a Geni profile with one or more confirmed matches, and the matches contain information that hasn’t been added yet to that profile, you’ll see a red magnifying glass. This indication ensures that you’ll be getting maximum value from your confirmed matches and won’t miss any important pieces of your family history.

Details of Additional Data from a Confirmed Match

Hover over the confirmed match to see what new information can be added to your relative’s profile. In the example above, we can see a record from Find a Grave has already been confirmed. However, it appears not all of the information from the record has been extracted. The red magnifying glass indicates that we can still add information about the person’s birth date, death date, burial place and middle name not found on Geni.

Note that for now you will still need to add the information manually to the Geni profile or your tree. In the future, you’ll be able to easily add the new information to your Geni tree in just a few clicks.

Once you’ve added the information the red magnifying glass will automatically disappear, indicating that there is no additional information to extract from that particular match. One additional parent that hasn’t been added from a match may be all you need to break through that brick wall, so we recommend going over your confirmed matches to ensure you’ve taken all available information.

Merge Center

Merge Center Showing Value Indicators

The Merge Center is the best place to quickly review matches for your family tree. Relatives with the highest value matches are now listed first to help you make the most efficient use of your time.

As you review and confirm matches, adding information you discover from the matches back to your tree, your Merge Center will continue to display the most valuable matches first so that you’re always discovering the best new information. Matches that appear to add no value will drop to the bottom of the Merge Center. You can choose to ignore them, but remember that even a match with no new information can still be useful. E.g., it may allow you to get in touch with another tree owner who is related to you. Also note that in this first release there are some additional information fields that matches may provide, that are not listed in the Value Indicators. These include biography notes, information that contradicts your tree, and others. So start by reviewing matches with the most value first, and if you have time, also review those without.

MyHeritage Data Subscription

List of Record Matches and Smart Matches™ on MyHeritage

Matches are provided for free as an abbreviated summary which includes the value indicator and a detailed list of the additional data that can be found in each match. Viewing full records from some data collections, such as Find-a-Grave, is free. Viewing other records in full requires a new type of subscription, called a MyHeritage Data subscription, which also provides unlimited access to MyHeritage SuperSearch – a powerful search engine for historical records. SuperSearch includes billions of records and on average grows by several million new records every day, making a Data Subscription a sound investment for your family history research.

Match Value Indicators

With the new Match Value Indicators, you can make the best use of your time by exploring the matches with the highest value first. You will grow your family tree much faster because it is easier to locate important and relevant data for your tree.

The new Match Value Indicators are an industry first! We’re happy to be constantly raising the bar in the family history industry with our matches. They are not only extremely accurate, but will now show you the value they have in store for you even before you click them, and guide you until you have extracted all their value into your tree.

Looking Ahead

We are already working hard on more new features designed to better facilitate your family history research; you can look forward to many more enhancements in the coming months, including emails to notify you when valuable new matches for your relatives are found and new specialized screens for extracting information from matches into your Geni tree in just a few clicks. Your genealogy research will be faster and easier as we all work together to build the largest and most accurate family tree of the world.

Check out the Value Indicators now to experience the true power of your Matches!

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