Keep Track of Your Invitations

Posted February 27, 2007 by Geni | 7 Comments

We’ve added the ability for you to keep track of your Geni invitations and to resend them when you want to send a reminder or nudge.  To view your invitations go to the top of your Geni page and select the ‘invite’ link.  Next select the ‘View your Invitation History’ link which allows you to view the history of invitations sent by you or by other family members.


  • splintor

    I added some dummy node and sent an invitation to myself at an alternate e-mail address, and now I can’t remove this dummy node. Can you please help?

  • splintor

    Fixed, thanks.
    It would be nice if you gave some more verbal feedback, though…
    Thanks anyway,

  • Olivier

    my girlfriend and i have our own tree, i would like to know if it’s possible to join them ?
    Second question, have you plan to translate ?
    PS: great application, thank you !

  • Leong

    I received a notification that an invitee had joined. However, the two links contained in the email (view invitee profile, and see all tree joiners) have /localhost/ in them so they don’t work.

  • Carlos

    My wife deleted her invitation after entering to geni’s web site. I would like to re-invite her , but I don’t see that enabled on the invitation’s history page.
    Could you please help?

  • Rich

    Love the product. You guys are doing great stuff.
    SUGGESTION: You should tweak the “quick add” feature a little more and add the Maiden name and suffix to the fields you collect. I happen to be the third and my sone the fouth, but as you get into older generations you’ll see a lot more usage of a suffix. Also when “quick adding” a person and their name is different than their parents you should assume they are married and default the maiden name to the father’s name, or allow that to be configured.

  • Lars Olle Persson

    I have invited a relative to join my tree, but he is busy with other things at present.
    He is a bit annoyed with your reminders – are they really necessay?