Maintainence Scheduled for Tonight at 7:00 PM PST

Posted February 20, 2007 by Geni | 7 Comments

Notice: Geni will be unavailable tonight from 7:00 PM to approximately 8:00 PM for scheduled maintenance. We’ll keep you posted here.

UPDATE: It’s taking a little longer than we thought, but our upgrades are proceding in the order we planned. Thanks for being patient!


  • rob

    You should be sure to include time zone info. for outage times ; )

  • Wanda

    Hi take all the time you need> I Love this sight. Thanks Wanda Michniewicz

  • Michal Osiak

    I was wondering about chances that geni profiles could be accessible for people not registered with geni, from web adress level, in a fashin that is curently being used at bebo. com or myspace. com, i.e that profiles would be accesible from adress level.
    You are doing great job anyways
    all d best

  • David Sutherland

    GEDCOM imports????

  • Fred

    I like this, and my familly starts to add data too.
    What would be nice for a next release :
    - an export function to PDF or another easily readable format. Could be fee based if needed. Or a print function.
    - a mapping function (couple it to Google Map for instance) so you can geographically visualize where your familly members are living)
    - the possibility to look for familly names across all Geni’s trees, even not your own. Could be usefull to find and hook to lost familly members.

  • Alei ElDorry

    I have just joined Geni and everything was going fine until now. I cannot see my family tree all I see is undefined’s tree all the information is still there and I can check it in list format.

  • Sean Feeney

    I second Fred’s post. Even if it would just be possible to generate a large enough graphic we could print to file ourselves. The Google Map API linking would be great too.