Merging Enhancements

Posted October 14, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

As your tree grows and merges with other trees, you may find some profiles in your tree that have duplicates in their immediate family. For example, when you merge two profiles that each have a complete set of kids, you'll need to merge the kids together. In these cases, you should use the resolve duplicates option under the node's more menu to quickly merge them.

We've made some changes to this process. After you drag duplicate nodes on each other, click the merge duplicates button. We'll show you each pair of profiles so you can approve or undo the merge right away, before returning to the tree. This will help you clean up that profile's immediate family before moving on to other parts of the tree.

On the page where you can drag immediate family duplicates on each other, nodes within each section are now listed alphabetically to make it easier to find duplicates. Also, the profile you are resolving duplicates for now also appears on this page, so you can merge it with siblings if necessary.

Note that these changes also apply when resolving parent and partner conflicts.


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