Millions of new gravestone records and obituaries now available

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Here’s some excellent news to add to your Halloween festivities – millions of gravestone records and obituaries are now available to Geni users through Record Matches and MyHeritage’s SuperSearch™!

This new addition includes 5.5 million gravestone records from BillionGraves and 3.5 million obituaries from

Using MyHeritage’s powerful matching technologies, Geni users will receive Record Matches whenever these new records match your family tree. These records will also be accessible directly through your relatives’ Geni profiles through the “Research this person” link. A simple click will bring you to MyHertiage’s SuperSearch results. Sort the results by “Death, Burial, Cemetery & Obituaries” to discover your ancestors gravestone and obituary records.

Gravestone Records

Gravestone records can offer you a plethora of information for your genealogy research and provide a personal connection with your ancestors. Not only do they provide the names and birth and death dates of the deceased, but they also offer the names of family members including parents, spouses and children. Sometimes the epitaph may include a quote that meant something to the deceased or to the family. Other significant information may include military history or even religious affiliation. These insights into your ancestors may provide you with the clues you need to lead you to new discoveries you never thought possible.

Gravestones can be used to discover nicknames, such as “Slim” on James Martin’s gravestone


As any genealogist will tell you, obituaries are ripe with information about family members and how they lived their lives. A person’s obituary may include their name, birth and death dates, cause of death, and the names of family members. You may even find family members listed that you never knew before! Often times, a woman’s maiden name is included in their obituary notice, making them invaluable in tracing your female ancestors.

An obituary record for Eugene Smithson

Obituaries can also include a short description or story about your ancestor’s life, giving you an inside view in how they lived and what they meant to others. This is just another example of how incredibly valuable obituaries can be in illuminating the lives of your family members.

Interested in digging deeper into your ancestors’ lives this Halloween? Dive right in and check out your Record Matches or click on the “Research this person” link on your relatives’ Geni profiles today and you’ll be one step closer in unlocking new mysteries about your family heritage.


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