Monday Recap for October 28, 2013

Posted October 28, 2013 by Amanda | 2 Comments

Have a great weekend? Check out some interesting articles you may have missed in the passed week!

The Genealogy Sphere

Profile of the Day

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  • Deisi Vaz Pinto

    Geni is not a parochial family site. So, if there are so many important historical names OUT OF THE USA HISTORY AND BORDER, I ask why they are so rare in the “Profiles of the Day”. Was General George Custer, anyhow, more important to the world, for instance, than all forgotten winners of Nobel Prize ?

    • geniblog

      Hi Deisi, we strive to feature profiles from all over the world. If you know of historical individuals connected to the world tree that you would like to see featured, please feel free to send your suggestions.