Monday Recap for the Week of Nov. 1-7, 2010

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Hi friends, this is our first edition of our Monday Recaps, where we review all the happenings of the previous week in the genealogy community and on Geni. We hope your weekends were fun and your Monday is peaceful. On to your links!

The Genealogy Sphere

  • Mormons agree to stop baptizing Jewish Holocaust victims (Denver Post) – Electra Draper covers the LDS pledge to stop the practice of baptizing Holocaust victims.
  • Genealogy Resource: The Buddy System (Paula’s Genealogical Eclectica) – As publishers of a genealogy collaboration site, we highly recommend researching with a buddy…or millions of them :-)
  • The Ancestry World Archives Project: Holiday 2010 Edition contest (Ancestry) – These types of offers are great for promoting collaboration, and the prizes could be a boon for local societies.
  • Charting Steve Jobs’s Family Tree (Grant Brunner) – It’s always fun to see these types of interesting genealogy projects pop up around the web. Grant, a good friend of Geni, is also a Mac Enthusiast, so this tree is catering to several of his interests.
  • Tracing Ancestors in Voter Records (Family Tree Magazine) – To tie into last week’s elections in the US, Diana listed several state-specific tips for researching your ancestry using voter records.
  • Genealogy Research in a New Locality ( – Another great tips article from Kimberly. Some of these tips (“Read the Newspaper”, “Connect with the Locals”) are just great tips for getting to know a new area in general, as well as for specific reasons like genealogy research.
  • Up to 200 Users in a Really Simple Voice Chat (Dick Eastman) – Dick highlights voxli, which is a really powerful tool for virtual calling. This is a great tool for researching and demonstration, and there are many potential uses for it. Give it a shot!
  • On Genealogy Snobbery (Geneabloggers) – A response to this post. We created Projects on Geni to allow people with different tastes or interests to focus things that are most interesting to them, and to collaborate with others that share those interests. Historical events have everything to do with genealogy, in our opinion.

On Geni

Last Week’s Highlighted Profiles

If you are interested in sharing links with us for our Monday Recap’s, please feel free to contribute by creating a new discussion in the Geni Blog project. Just paste the link to the article and why you think it’s valuable to the community.