More Funny Names in the Family Tree

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Genealogy can often bring about a good chuckle. Funny names, amusing newspaper articles, unusual census entries can often lead to some amusing discoveries. We’ve previously shared some funny and unusual names found in Geni’s World Family Tree. Now here are a few more funny names to add to the collection of names.

More Funny Names in the Family Tree

Check out the funny names below:

1. Captain Preserved Fish

2. Cookie Baker

3. Happy Card

4. Houston Texas Whitecotton

5. Olive Pitt

6. Ima Hogg

7. Harry Legg Clothier

8. Cinderella Woodmansee

9. Lettice Whitebread

10. Spiller Fillmore

11. Fanny Spray

12. Unity Bottom

13. Margery Lullaby (Craze)

14. Alma Knack

15. Gertrude May Rash

What are some funny names in your family tree?

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