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Posted January 19, 2011 by George | 2 Comments

Revisions are important way to track changes to profiles, trees, and more on Geni. In addition to tree revisions and profile revisions, we’ve added three new lists of revisions to provide greater visibility and accountability.

Home Page Revisions Tab

You can now view revisions for everything you follow, from profiles to projects, by clicking on the revisions tab on your home page:

Make sure you follow the profiles, projects, and surnames you’re interested in to see changes to them on your home page.

Tip: to see the timestamp of a revision in this view, just hover over the revision and it will pop up after a moment.

Project Revisions

The revisions tab on projects will display all revisions to the project and any profiles tagged in the project.

List View Revisions

From your list view, you can click on the revisions tab to display all revisions for your current list view.  This makes it easy to see revisions for profiles in your family group, profiles you manage, a profile’s descendants, etc.

Tip: Click “show advanced controls” to fine tune your list of profiles, then click the revisions tab to see all revisions for your filtered view.

One more thing – revisions for text changes, such as updates to a profile’s about me, now include a view link. Click the link to see the difference between that version and the previous version of that text field.


These additional ways to see revisions will make your research easier and more efficient as you explore your genealogy on Geni!

Post written by George

George joined the Geni team in September, 2010 as Geni's marketing director. You can find him on Twitter where he never posts but is happy to respond: @georgegeni

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  • julia

    What happened to the “Recent Activity” section? That was how I was able to see what was going on in my family.

    • George Geni

      Julia – there was a bug that affected some browsers in our release yesterday. We’re working on it now; it’ll be back shortly.nn-George