MyHeritage Adds 815 Million U.S. Public Records

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The good news keeps rolling in! We’re excited to share with you that 815 million U.S. Public Records of people living in the United States have been added to MyHeritage’s growing collection of historical records. You can find these records available to you through Record Matches on your Geni profiles or in SuperSearch™, MyHeritage’s powerful search engine for historical records. With information that spans the last five decades for hundreds of millions of people living in the U.S., the U.S. Public Records Index is truly one of the most powerful collections for finding living relatives.

This massive collection was assembled from telephone directories, property tax assessments, credit applications, voter registration lists and other records available to the public. The information provided is prime for connecting you with relatives.

If a full address is included in the results, MyHeritage is able to deduce other possible relatives who were living at the same location. This can help you reconstruct entire households and find relatives you may have not known about. These records may also include other important information such as birth dates, aliases, possible relatives (and their birth dates), as well as business associations and, were publicly available, contact information such as phone numbers.

Do you have the address of where your relatives may have lived? You can search the U.S. Public Records collection by the address and find who else may have lived there. You can even discover nearby neighbors, which can provide you with even more clues for your family history research. You never know what will lead to unknown relatives!

An example from the U.S. Public Record Index for John F. Fletcher (click to zoom)

These records can be a treasure trove of new information as they pick up well after the last published U.S. Census Records, the 1940 census collection. The public records included in this collection dates back to 1970, helping to bridge the gap left from the latest census publication.

How to view the new collections

These records are available now in your Record Matches for your Geni profiles. Simply navigate to your Merge Center to view all the Record Matches found for your tree. Or click on the Record Match icon on your relatives’ profiles to see what new public records have been matched to your tree.

You can also access these collections by clicking the “Research this Person” link directly from your Geni profiles. This will automatically take you to MyHeritage’s SuperSearch™ results for that profile using the information already provided on Geni.

Note a MyHeritage data subscription is required to view these records in full. With a single data subscription, you will have unlimited access to all Record Matches and Smart Matches™ on Geni, as well as full access to MyHeritage’s SuperSearch™. If you don’t have one yet, now may be just the right time to upgrade!

Ready to see what new discoveries await? Explore your Record Matches now!

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    I keep getting emails from with so called Smart Matches. But they are never even close to being real matches. To be able to check the match I need to pay for pro. The question is why I should pay for something that obviously does not work. Please enlighten me.