New Enhancements: Sharing & Merging

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The View Profiles link for pending merges in your merge issues list now uses the new side-by-side format. This allows for faster merging with better verification to help you get through those mere issue quicker.


Shared profiles are historical and famous profiles that anyone can find and view. Your family and collaborators can edit any profile you share. Sharing a profile helps the Geni community find and merge around common ancestors.

Anytime you add a new profile to the tree you now have the option to make it a shared profile. When you add a profile outside of your maximum family group (your default family group plus inlaws connected through ex's) it will be shared by default. You can uncheck the Share This Profile setting if you don't want to share that profile.

You can also share all of the profiles you've previously added outside of your maximum family group in one click. Look for the Share Profiles button on your manage profiles settings page.

  • This will only share profiles that you manage
  • This will not share the profile of anyone who has joined Geni or been invited to Geni
  • This will not affect any close relatives (fourth cousins and closer)
  • You can not undo this bulk change, but you can individually unshare profiles

Share the historical profiles you manage


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