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‘Identify People’ in Photos

Click the ‘Identify People’ button and then click on a person in a photo to tag them in place and identify who is who. When others view that photo, they will see the name of each person as they mouse over them in the photo. This is especially useful for large group shots such as weddings and family reunions.

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Invite Enhancements

Because you have more fun when your family joins you on Geni, we’ve added these enhancements to make it easier for you to invite your family:

  • Custom Invites – Use the ‘Edit Invitation Template’ to customize the invitation your family receives when you invite them to Geni. You can even save your custom invitation to use it again when you invite more of your family. Create a custom invite.
  • Invite Page – Your invite page now lists all of your living relatives who have not yet joined your tree, sorted by their relationship to you. We hope this will make it easier for you to find and invite your missing relatives. Invite your family.

Merging Nodes

Now you can merge any two nodes in your tree (previously you could not merge two nodes if each had parents). Use the ‘Move this person’ option in the ‘more’ menu on the node to add it to the new ‘Move These People’ sidebar. Then drop the node on another node to merge them. Merging two nodes with existing parents will trigger an additional merge, helping to you to easily and quickly correct any duplicate branches in your tree.


We’ve made some changes to help our international users. You will see more progress on this over the next few releases.

  • Custom Invites – You can use custom invites to add a note in your family member’s native language before inviting them to the tree.
  • Timezones – You can set a timezone for each profile you can edit. In the future we will use this setting to determine when the person receives notifications, birthday reminders, etc.
  • Additional Language Fields – The language list on profiles is no longer limited to three languages.

Introducing Your Forest

We have introduced the Forest to help you understand and organize your family relationships on Geni. Your Tree consists of all your blood relatives and their partners; your Forest consists of your Tree, your spouse’s Tree, and all those partners’ trees. Your Forest page lists all of the trees in your Forest. We have also introduced enhanced privacy controls based on your Forest so you can further control who can view your information. For more on these changes visit our Forest page. View your Forest.

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