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Create a Cycle

cycle occurs when the same person appears more than once in your tree
(for example, when two sisters marry two brothers). Cycles can now be
created for nodes that are deceased and do not have email addresses.
Use the ‘create a cycle’ link (found in the “more” link of the standard
view or on the flipped node) to add the node to the Tree tray. Then
drag the node onto the second person to whom he or she is related and
select the appropriate relationship.

Center Single Parents

the new ‘Center single parents’ tree preference, you can choose how to
display single parents on your tree. This applies to a node on your
tree with only one known parent. The default is to display the known
parent and a node for the unknown parent that prompts you to add that
person (‘Add This Person’). Selecting the new ‘Center single parents’
option will ‘hide’ that node under the known node.

Flip Node enhancements

We have made some enhancement to the “flip” nodes tree preference:

  • Click to “flip” nodes option – With this selected, the nodes only flip when you click on them.
  • Relationship description – The flipped node now includes your relationship to that person.
  • Delay – There is now a delay before a node is flipped, to reduce unwanted flips as you navigate your tree.

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