New Features and Enhancements

Posted September 15, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

We just released the following updates:

Single field date entry

This has been available as an option in tree preferences for some time. We have made it the default way to enter dates in the tree. Instead of dropdown menus, you can enter the date naturally as "January 7th" or "1/7/2010" and so on. You can choose the old way of entering dates in your tree preferences if you prefer. International date formats are also available.

View All Merges

Use the View All Merges button at the bottom of your list of Profile Merges to cycle through all of your Profile Merge issues. No need to select which profiles you want to compare, just click the button and go!

Bug fixes & Enhancements 

  1. Curators are now indicated by an icon on their profile.
  2. We now remember the sort order you've selected in the merge center.
  3. Family Tree Name has been moved from Family preferences to Name preferences.
  4. As requested, GEDCOM exports no longer include guestbook comments.
  5. The default for public discussions is now to show all public discussions. Use the filter to show only discussions you are following.


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