New Features: Increased Privacy on Geni

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Privacy online is very important, especially for children. We've made a couple of enhancements to improve your family's privacy on Geni:

Child Privacy

New Child Privacy settings give you control over the profiles you manage for those under 13 years of age. You can restrict the viewing and editing of their profile. Profiles for those under 13 are never included in search results, and only their relatives and their inlaws can find their profiles from the tree.

Set Child Privacy now

Family Group

Your Family Group consists of the relatives that you want to stay in touch with. This is the group that you will share news, photo albums, and birthdays with. We've reduced the default Family Group from your 5th cousins and closer to your 3rd cousins and closer. How does this affect you?

  • Additional Privacy: Since the Family Group is used for profile privacy and permissions, your Family will have more privacy by default.
  • Family News: You and your Family will receive fewer, more relevant Family News stories. Your Family News page should also have less 'noise'.
  • Ancestor Permissions: Because the Family Group is used for profile privacy, this will affect which profiles you can view by default. This means that you would have had less viewing privileges for some of your ancestors. To remedy this we now let users view the full profile of any of their ancestors.

Keep in mind that you can continue to use the "Invite to Family Group" buttons to add your more distant relatives to your Family Group. As always, post any questions below. There will be an official announcement when this is released.

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