New Feature: Tree Preferences

Posted August 3, 2007 by Geni | No Comment

We’ve added a new Preferences tab to the family tree. In it, you’ll find several new options for customizing the display of your tree, including the ability to display maiden names — a popular user request. The new preferences are divided into three sections:


  • Four tree layouts – Standard, Vertical, Photos Only, and Names Only
  • Choose the number of generations to display, including an option for direct ancestors only (pedigree view)
  • ‘Flip’ nodes over for more detail, right on your tree
  • Display deceased relatives with a small black band
  • Hide/show yellow arrows, photos, and more


  • Four options for how to display maiden names in your tree
  • Show/hide display names, middle names, and suffixes


  • Set minimum and maximum font sizes (designed for better display of very long names)
  • Choose from three display quality settings (for better performance on some computers)
  • Choose to have the tray pop up only when clicked, rather than when moused over

In addition, we have temporarily removed the ability to message people in other trees. We’ll be bringing this feature back soon, with additional security enhancements.

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