New: you can delete email addresses

Posted January 29, 2007 by Geni | 43 Comments

Many of you have asked for the ability to delete email addresses from your own account or from other profiles in your tree.

We have made it easier to do this. Just click "edit info".

You can delete any of your own email addresses, provided it is not the last email on your account. We will introduce a "delete my account" feature soon to handle this case.

If you are trying to delete someone else’s email address, you can do this as long as they have not already accepted the invitation to join.

If they have not accepted the invitation and you delete their email address, their invitation will be cancelled.

Email addresses which have been deleted can be re-used, and a new invitation will be sent. (The recipient must use this invitation and not the old one to join.)

We are continuing to work on additional error-correction mechanisms.


  • Catherine Rodgers

    Waiting on the “delete my account” feature so my partner can delete his account and join my tree…

  • Markus

    Thanks for this option. And you’re doing a fabulous job with this site! Rock on! :)

  • Richard

    Vis-a-vis deleting, I still don’t have the option of deleting an “ex-husband”, even though he has no other dependants.
    Thanks for the great work,

  • Rommel

    The Geni team is doing a fantastic job! Thank you!

  • LorriM

    Great work Geni Team!
    Thank you.

  • Konstantin

    Is anyone else having performance issues pulling the tree out of the database?

  • Frédéric Baronet

    That’s great!
    I have a suggestion on the related topic of email addresses: when you deselect the box “Living” to indicate the person is deceased, this action should also automatically select the box “This person does not have email”… Of course, the user should remain able to deselect “This person does not have email” should he/she so wish afterwards, but it would save most of us one click…

  • Makinde Adeagbo

    I’d love to join this team and keep the product moving. MIT Senior in CS. Been a PM and Dev intern at Microsoft and Apple. Resume here :
    Email me!

  • Dejan Vesić

    Can you please add option “not related” option which would effectively break connection between two persons, and hopefully give option to delete wrongfully entered person?

  • pmoshay

    Off topic suggestion – Might be in Geni’s interest to incorporate customizable or original invitation email messages, possibly sent from the user’s email instead of Over the years many of us have tried various family tree offerings online and left them aside after attempting to really use them. Also with email delivery issues would be good having them sent from someone that is in the recipent’s ‘white list’ or address book instead of an unfamiliar domain. Most all of these undoubtedly are redirectred to spam folders.

  • Amarjeet Rai

    I was told to post suggestions here.
    So here’s one:
    Under religion: there is no sikhism.
    Why is that?
    Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world.
    Please add Sikhism to the list of religions.
    Thank you.

  • Evgeniy

    Are you planing to translate site to other languages?

  • Evgeniy

    Are you planing to translate site to other languages?

  • George

    1. Backup… It`s important…
    And thank you for your work!

  • yitzchok

    Could you add on the option for Hebrew Dates?
    The Twelve Months Are:
    Nisan,Iyar,Sivan,Tamuz,Av,Ellul,Tishrei,Cheshvan,Kislev,Teves,Shvat,Adar and in a leap year Adar Sheni.
    Todays Date:1st Feb 2007
    Hebrew: 13th Shvat 5767 from creation

  • Barb

    Very kewl tool and interface!! BTW – I found your site via Pattern Recognition (

  • Brian

    1. Expanded tree view. Currently, if I go into my wife’s profile, my family tree disappears. How about seeing everyone your related to, in an expanded view option? (one large, complex, and massive tree)
    2. Backup.
    3. Export. Export. Export.

  • maffiou

    I have an oddity in my familly tree in that two sisters married two brothers, but I have no way of connecting someone to an already existing member of my tree…
    I think backup and export are important as well.
    I would like to see a way of ordering large prints of the whole tree…
    I would like to be able to show my tree to people not necessarily in it… Maybe a bit like picasse web album, with a revocable passkey…

  • Billy Miller

    I need to delete a mistaken entry I made early in my tree. I somehow managed to add a former wife, and I don’t have a former wife. There is no X available for me to delete the entry. Any ideas?

  • Herb

    How about having a family message board or family blog? That way we could leave messages about who is adding who where in our tree

  • Jason

    Not sure if anyone else has suggested this or not.. but, I think it would be nice to be able to add burial information to the profile of someone deceased. Like a place of burial.

  • Rafael Garcia

    Multi Language… most of my family are from a spanish speaking country and I’m afraid they won’t understand the interface.. I also have some family members from Italy and I have the same worry with them.

  • Alfred Leo

    i made a comment here yesterday, but could not find it today. i suggested to add black line for those not living relatives and add a feature to hide whose names i dont know.

  • Jesper Lauridsen

    Hi Geni. This is a grate program !! Will it be posible to have a print of the Tree ??
    Best Regards from Jesper

  • Leticia Magalhães

    Yes! Multi-language would be great. I offer to translate into Portuguese :-)
    Also…can “twins” be added on the birth order roll up?
    Great job!

  • Mikael Söderberg

    1 ) I would like to see the feature of dragNdrop & layout/clean up my family tree
    Atm some of my nodes starts to stack up on top of each other (it is hard when there is 4-5 nodes at the same space). It would be great if I can layout my nodes so the tree gets a little bit cleaner.
    The same goes for members that are related. Now maybe one brother goes to the left and the other brother waaaaay to the right. Crosses several non related people
    so my first suggestion (Layout family tree)

  • Leif L

    A translatad mode so i can get my mother, that dosen’t speak English, to use it would be great! ;)

  • Christian Burns

    For mistaken email, the ability to merge people.
    An aunt got added twice, so we cleared out her name on the one that did not have husband and kids attached to it. She accepted the invitation to the blanked one. Can she merge the account into the one that has the relationships?

  • Susheela

    Regarding merging trees — Both my fiance and I have family trees, which are separate with no duplicates.
    In a post below you said 2-3 months for merging trees, but I feel like ‘joining’ trees is something that could happen much quicker? He already has a family tree going, and now that there is a partner designation, we’d really love to link up our trees.
    Also, historically there are 1st and 2nd cousin marriages in my tree — Is there any way to show this? We’ve got a tree that goes back 17 generations, and I’d like to add it all in there, but I can’t really do it accurately at the moment.

  • Jimmy Hellberg

    I started to use Geni today, and think it’s amazing! Very easy to use and fun.
    My suggestion,
    When you have a large tree, you have to zoom out to see the whole picture, wich is great, but the text becomes very tiny.
    So it would be nice for the window with name and picture to become larger when the mouse cursor is held over it. This way you won’t have to zoom out, and then zoom back in to read the text.

  • Brendan

    Just a few suggestions that I have seen in transferring some data from a program like My Family Tree to
    In the About section there needs to be a box for Death/Birth/Marriage. Just a place to fill in some info on a hospital name or a cause of death. For the marriage I have places and dates I would like to save, then once I do it for one person, their spouse should have the same info in their About automatically.

  • Leif L

    I’m having people in my tree appering on top of each other, this is a bit confusing since it makes my brother look like he got 4 parents ;)
    Great great service!

  • joao cansian

    And how I do for print my tree?

  • George Daszkowski

    Need to add more than one elementary school
    Canadian Universities don;t grant B Eng, require a bachelor of Science BaSc

  • Kashif Razzaqui

    Folks, good job! Needed this.
    I have a small request.
    One of my first cousin’s married a girl who is also on my family tree (4th cousin if there is such a thing) anyway, now she appears has his wife but I also want her to be the daughter of one of my uncles. Geni allows me to add her twice once in each location but I want to add her only once and link her to both her family of birth (my uncle) and her husban (my cousin). Hope I have explained what I need :) If you have questions please email me.
    Thanks and Good job.

  • Andrés

    Feature/Help request:
    Ok, I’ve got an interesting kink back in my family tree. I’ve got a relative who married his step-sister’s daughter. This means that somehow I’ve got to attach person W to husband X as well as parents Y and Z, and (wanting to have my cake as well as eat it) I would rather not duplicate her.
    Any ideas or should I just wait for beta 45.7e to have this capability? :) thanks!

  • Dennis Bohm

    Feature request:
    1. I’d like to be able to sort my live relatives after birthdays (not year, just month and day) so I don’t forget anyones birthday.
    2. Also, the possibility to merge family trees, or maybe some kind of search feature to see if your family tree overlap someone elses family tree.
    3. Backup and export (mentioned before). I don’t want to make a huge tree and see it get lost by server failure.
    Some people might find the lack of “incest connections” annoying, but really, there is enough people in the world to choose from, no need to mate with your cousins or other relatives..

  • Kashif Razzaqui

    You need to build a parse function, which should automatically reconstruct the tree starting from the person who was born earliest or who is on top of the tree. Also currently some people in my family have two entries in the tree because they have more than one relationship with me or someone else on the tree. Now the parsing would fix this.
    Hope I got through, drop me a mail if you need more explanation.

  • Genie Funaro

    Under Religion – Please add Eastern Orthodox – there are millions of us and using Christian – Other is offensive to me. Or have the ability for anyone to type in anything they want.
    Also for schools have the ability to add another school under each category – not just graduate school.

  • Nick Hoh

    Love the Geni site have been looking for something like this for a long long time. The delete function doesn’t seem to work I accidently added a family member twice now I can’t delete either one of entries. Any ideas how to fix this?

  • anon

    Haa. I’m not surprised that comments are moderated and won’t appear on the log until the author approves. This way you won’t have any bad feedback posted.
    I’ve emailed your company twice to take my email or the entire account out of your service because someone wrongly added me to their family tree and I was not a part of their family. You never emailed me back. I don’t appreciate companies that don’t make the effort to email their customers. It’s bad customer service.
    I have to wait a month and keep getting emails and keep searching to find a way to get rid of it myself instead of you doing it since it’s your fault the welcome email is so badly put together. While you might have been an interesting company and I might have put my family tree on this website, I will definitely no longer do this because of your poor customer service.
    I bet I won’t see this comment on your blog. Just a word of advice…only allowing good comments to appear publicly on your blog does not make you look good, it makes you look suspicious.

  • Geni Team

    As you can see we do publish comments received. We moderate the comments so that inappropriate language is not used and privacy is not invaded.
    Your email was sent anonymously so that we could not look at the tree you refer to in your email–without looking at the tree we are unable to see why your name has not been removed.
    We have experienced a huge response to the Geni site and are currently working to reduce a backlog of email. If you’ll send another email we’ll keep our eye out for it and will address your request immediately.

  • Steven Smith

    I am trying to update an email address for someone on my family tree where I originally entered an outdated address (Elaine Donnell).
    When I type the new email in the edit info screen, and then click save the page freezes and I get an error message saying that a script is running and gives me an option to bail out because it is slowing down windows. In other words, the script to upate the email address is not working, and I see no option to delete an email address.
    Would someone help me here?