New Feature – Search Outside Your Tree

Posted June 23, 2007 by Geni | No Comment

We have added a new feature to Geni to help you find and connect with your family. You can now search for other Geni users and profiles outside your family tree.  Simply search for a name using the same search box you already use you will now see two tabs – Search results ‘In Your Tree’ and ‘Outside Your Tree’.

‘Outside Your Tree’ search results will return a list of all deceased profiles and all claimed users who have not disabled public search. Depending on the profile’s privacy settings you may be able to see who added that profile, send them a message, and add them to your family friends.  This is a great way to find other people who may be related to you and grow your family tree.

You can control who may or may not search for you in your Settings – Your choices are ‘Anyone (Public)’ or ‘People in My Tree and Family Friends’.  In addition you can specify ‘What they can see:’.  By default your search results will include your profile photo, current location (city and country), and a button users can use to send you a message or send you a Family Friend invite.  You can also display the ‘Person who added me’ and ‘First names of my immediate family (except minor children)’ on your Search Result.

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