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In addition to Family Friends and Four New Tree Views, our new release also includes the following new and enhanced features:

Photo Tagging

Extended Photo Tagging – We received a lot of feedback on our photo tagging feature that we included in our last release.  We heard that you really love the feature but need to be able to tag a photo with the name of anyone in your tree.  Now you can – you can even tag a photo with the name of a Family Friend.

Photo Tagging Notifications – Your feedback also indicated that you and your family members were receiving too many photo notification emails from Geni.  You will receive no more than one photo tagging notification per day.  And, as with all of our email notifications, you can disable photo tagging notifications in your settings.

Enhanced Privacy

Profile Editing Privacy – By default, only you can edit your profile information. Now you can choose to allow other family members to make changes to your profile.  You can set your profile editing privacy by visiting your ‘Settings’ page.

Block This User – We realize that you are not close with everyone in your family.  We are developing a number of tools to help you manage these difficult family relationships.  The first tool, now available, is the ability to block a user.  If you add a user to your block list (on your Settings page) they will no longer be able to view your profile, your photo albums, or any of your profile information, such as your birthday, anniversary, current location, and birthplace.  We will also remove these people from your calendar, map, and family photo albums, but you will continue to be able to see their profiles.

Additional Enhancements

Improved Search Accuracy – We have improved the way our search feature is implemented so now when you search for ‘John Smith’ his name will be at the top of the list.  We also improved the way we sort and filter the rest of the results.

Birthday Reminders – In response to user feedback, we will no longer send Birthday Reminders to your relatives who are not members of Geni. However, we will continue to remind you of their birthdays if we know them. As always, Geni members can opt out of receiving birthday reminders in their account settings.

Extended Add Node Form – When you add a node to your tree you can now enter Maiden Name, Date of Birth, and Date of Death (if applicable) without leaving your tree.

Tree View Enhancements – We now display the lifelines for deceased people on their node in Tree View (i.e. 1880-1950) and we’re doing a better job of pre-populating a new node’s last names when adding nodes.

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