New Features Now on Geni

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We just released an update to Geni and we have a few new features to tell you about:

Birthday Reminders – When someone on your tree has a birthday you will now receive an email reminder.  This email will include a link that will let you write a special message that will show up in their profile with a special birthday graphic.  Make sure you enter your birthday in your profile if you want to receive birthday greetings!

Family Tree Awards – We have now created a page where you can see all of the Family Tree Awards for your whole tree.  The awards also update in real time as you add profiles, invite people to your tree, and add photos.  When you are logged in you can view the awards for your tree here.

Relationship Pathway – When you are viewing a profile of any person not directly connected to you (a partner, child, or parent) you will now see your ‘Relationship Pathway’ to that person.  It will show you each family member that connects you to that person along with the relationship.  We added a couple of cool features to this pathway – The pathway changes colors each time a new family is connected by marriage, and each name in the pathway is a link to that person’s profile.  This should help you explore your family in a fun new way.

New Help Tools – When you view your tree you will notice two new square icons on the bottom right of your tree.

Click on this icon to turn help messages on and off.  This is a guide we created for new users to guide them through some of the basic features of Geni.

Click on this icon to turn balloon help on and off.  When this is on a balloon will pop up with helpful information as you move your mouse over different parts of the Geni interface.

Enhanced Zoom Controls – We have added a few tweaks to make the zoom tool an even more efficient way for you to view your family tree.  To quickly move to a maximum view, you can click the icon at the top of the zoom control, and the tree will zoom all the way in.  To quickly move to the minimal view of the tree, click the icon at the bottom of the zoom control, and the tree will zoom all the way out.   In Windows you can also zoom in and out by clicking on the tree background and then using your scroll wheel.

‘Birth Order’ Pop-up – And finally, the ‘Birth Order’ pop-up allows you to set birth order for the first twenty siblings.

That covers this release, stay tuned as we continue to roll out improvements and enhancements to Geni.  And as always please join us on The Geni Forum to discuss these features.


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