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Tonight we released a number of new features to Geni.  Here is an overview of our new photo features (for information on the rest of our new features read this blog post).

My Photos – We have added a ‘My Photos’ tab next to ‘My Tree’ and ‘My Profile’.  This is your personal photo album and only you
can see this tab.  ‘My Photos’ is a compilation of your photos and the photos
on your relatives’ profiles. This tab makes it easy to see all your
family members’ new photos without having to go to all of their profiles.

This tab contains five different sections:

My Family’s Albums – This section gathers all of your family’s photo albums in one place.  Only the albums created by you and your spouse’s blood relatives and
their current partners appear in ‘My Family’s Albums’.

My Albums – This will show you all of the photos that you
have uploaded, organized by album name.

Albums I’m In – This section gathers every album that contains a
picture tagged with your name.   This can help you find all the albums
for family gatherings and other events you attended.

Photos of Me – This section shows you all photos that
you are in.  When someone tags a photo with your name it will
automatically show up in this tab.  This is a handy way for you and
others to find every photo of you on Geni.

My Favorites – Whenever you view a photo on Geni you will see an ‘Add to Favorites’ link you can use to mark your favorite photos.  Any photos you have marked ‘Add to Favorites’
will show up here in the ‘My Favorites’ section.  This is a handy way for you to collect your
favorite photos from your family tree.

Uploading Photos

Advanced Photo Uploader – There are now two ways to upload photos.  In addition to our original ‘Easy Photo Uploader’, there is now an ‘Advanced Photo Uploader’ which provides a fast, simple way to upload lots of photos at one time.  You can use the ‘Advanced Photo Uploader’ to bulk upload an entire folder of photos at once.

Photo Albums – When you upload photos now, you upload them into an existing or new album.   This provides an easy way for you to organize your albums.  You can rename your albums and add photos to them at any time.

Photo Tags – We have also included photo tagging which allows you to indicate who in your family is in each photo.  When you upload a photo we will ask you ‘Who’s In This Photo’.  You can tag the photo with the name of each person in the photo.

You can also add tags to other people’s photos.  Once a photo has been tagged with a person’s name, it will show up on that user’s profile.  Tagging photos will help everyone in your family find the photos that are most interesting to them.

My Profile Photos – There is now a photo section in your profile with three sections from the ‘My Photos’ tab – ‘Photos of Me’, ‘My Albums’, and ‘My Favorites’.  This section is visible to anyone who views your profile and is an easy way for others to view photos of you.

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