New Features – Tree Map, Photos and More

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Map of My Tree

You can view all of your family’s current locations and birthplaces on a global map. Use the familiar Google Maps interface to zoom and navigate around the world. Choose who you want to see on the map including anyone in your family or family friends.


Navigation Tray

Picture_5Get around your tree with the new tray at the bottom of the My Tree tab.  The ‘Navigate’ tab makes it easy to move around in large family trees. Use the ‘Go to…’ tab to jump directly to an individual, just by clicking his or her name.


Photo Enhancements

Picture_3Move photos between albums To move one of your photos from one album to another, select the ‘Move to…’ link when viewing an individual photo  Then, select the destination from a list of your photo albums.

Reordering photos Besides moving photos between albums you can also reorder the photos within an album. Use the ‘Reorder Photos’ link on the ‘Edit Album’ page to easily drag and drop your photos to arrange them.


Batch Messages

You’ll now receive a maximum of two daily email digests: one each for birthday reminders and photo activity (new photo uploads, and tags by others).


Send Birthday Reminders checkbox

You can now disable birthday reminders for any profile you can edit. Next to the Date of Birth when editing a profile or viewing more info in the family tree, you will see a checkbox you can use to disable birthday reminders for that person’s birthday.

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