New Features – Printing and More!

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We are pleased to announce that we have released some exciting new
features tonight.  We really think you will enjoy this release, which
focuses on sharing photos, creating a paper version of your family
tree, and more.  (For the details of our new photo features read this blog post).

– One of our most requested features is the ability
to print your Geni family tree.  Now you can.  There is a
new printer icon on the bottom right of your tree next to the help
icons.  Select this to bring up our handy print options window,
select the options you want, and click ‘PRINT’!  Options include a zoom
slider, the ability to show/hide photos, print in black and white, and fit to one page.

And More -

  • Better performance for large trees – we have made changes that greatly increase the performance when loading and navigating large trees.  If you’re viewing a tree with more than 200 nodes you should notice a drastic reduction in the time it takes for your tree to draw.
  • GEDCOM improvements – we have made some adjustments to our GEDCOM export feature to clean up the GEDCOM file we create.
  • Intelligent ‘Living’ default – now when you add a new node
    to your tree that has four generations or more below it, the ‘Living’
    checkbox will default to off.  This should save you time when entering
    historical information because you no longer need to manually
    uncheck this box for every entry.
  • Safety – We all know that the safety of children is a top
    priority for families.  We continue to develop important safety
    features to address these concerns.  You’ll find a dedicated safety page on Geni with Safety Tips for Parents and a link to contact Geni with any safety concerns you may have.

Thanks for all of your input, which continues to directly influence the next set of features that we’re working on right now.  Have fun, and, as always, please let us know what you think in The Geni Forum thread discussing these new features.


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