New: “partners” and “ex-partners”

Posted January 29, 2007 by Geni | 24 Comments

Many of you requested the ability to label a significant other as a "partner" (or "ex-partner") as opposed to only a "husband or "wife" (or "ex-husband" / "ex-wife").

You can now do this by clicking "edit info". Look for the field label called "Partner" and use the pull-down menu to change how your partner is described. Your choices are now: 1) Current spouse; 2) Current partner; 3) Former/late spouse; 4) Ex-spouse (divorced); and 5) Ex-partner.


  • LorriM

    Great speed on this, good work, Geni Team!

  • Jens Minor

    How can I add a Partner AND an ex-Partner for a Person?

  • Jens Minor

    And another Question:
    How can I add Kids with different Partners for one Person?

  • David

    Nice job! Happy to see that added!

  • LorriM

    Jens Minor:
    1. Go to the person on the family tree, who you want to add information to.
    2. Add their name on the arrow “add spouse or child”
    3. Then go to their name and click “edit info”
    4. Look down at the bottom, where it states “partner”, and you will be able to click the window, and see “current spouse, former spouse, divorced, current partner, ex-partner, etc. Click the appropriate link.
    Different kids:
    1. Add the partner first, and click the appropriate status…current or ex (after “parnter”.
    2. Then, go in and add the names of the child/children. Look towards the bottom where you will see “parents”. You will have the option, to then view the list, and click who the parent or parents are.

  • Jens Minor

    thx Lorri, but it doesn’t work for me.
    A Person in my Family WAS married with my cousin. But then they divorced and now the person is married with another cousin in my family tree.
    Both cousins are in the family tree, i only have to connect the three persons with each other – but it doesn’t work :-(
    P.S. sorry for the bad english, I’m german – and big thx for your help.

  • Arpa

    What about half brother outside marriage or if other parent is unknown.

  • Ken

    My great grandfather’s brother married my greatmother’s sister, how do I show that without creating two identies of either my greatgrandfather’s brother or great grandmother’s sister.

  • Jadrian Johnson

    Hey gang! Totally great product y’all have here, and I really like this feature.
    On another feature note, I have constructed a tree, and my dad has gone to town to continue to fill it out. In the course of his research, many of the small towns in which relatives were born, died, etc. have died out and no longer exist.
    To allow folks to continue to add information for such cases, he would like to see the option to specify in which *counties* people were born, married, or died. Sometimes, even in records, only the information about the county has remained. As well, being able to specify the location where deceased relatives are buried would be a very nice addition.
    Anyway, this is an absolutely fantastic idea, and if my dad can use it so easily and get 88 other relatives added to our tree in just an hour or so, then I think it has some amazing potential for widespread use!
    Best of luck to you all, and a special “Howdy” to Amos, Adam, and Andrew.

  • Alfred Leo

    It is not necessary to show all the parents of a kid (usually ancestors or far relatives) when the names of theirs are unknown. This happens all the time and I just want the interface as clear as possible.
    If a person passed away, the color of the block should be different, or add a black circle (an icon or anything), which is done in China. It is easier to use black line, because you need 4 different colors in the other case. Living male, living female, not living male and not living female.

  • LorriM

    Sorry, it didn’t work. I will think this through, and see if I can figure it out, and then let you know.
    Your English is excellent!

  • Robbie

    There is current a fault. This causes the following:
    - A couple is set as divorced.
    - You add children of that couple.
    - Their marriage status is changed back to current spouse automatically.

  • Tona

    It’s not obvious how to add in marriage information beyond the spouse’s name, such as the place and date of the marriage. It doesn’t show up on an individual’s main page, and I couldn’t find a place to put it on the other tabs. This would seem to be important info… for some of my ancestors, it’s the only reliable date I’ve got. I’m sure you’ve got a way to do it, but it should be easier to find.

  • Krimo

    Once you get past a certain size, the tree becomes hard to visualize without much dragging left and right and zomming in and out. It would be a great addition to use hyperbolic graphs such as those of visualthesaurus

  • Israel Shainert

    It will be nice to have a list of relatives who their birthday is in a certain month or dates range

  • Ann Geeraerts

    Luc Winderickx is married to Marleen Lodefier, and Nicole Winderickx is married to Leon Lodefier.
    Luc W. is Nicole W’s brother, and Marleen L. is Leon L’s sister.
    So sister and brother are married to sister and brother… These links aren’t made now..

  • Shawn

    I have half-sister, with her family, that I can’t add until I figure out how to add more than a current and previous spouse. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Gayle

    I have the same problem. My mother has a half sister & brother and I can’t figure out how to show their fatherand the his family…. Anyone have any ideas out there?

  • Robin McDonald

    The choice of graduate degrees limits law degrees to “JD”. a common American law degree. The equivalent degree in Canada and the UK is LLB (Bachelor of Laws). Can you insert it as a choice?

  • Lisa

    I accidently put my mom in first since i started with myself, so then when i tried to put my dad’s 1st ex wife in, it lists her as the most current…how can change the marriage order?

  • Tom

    A suggestion: Don’t included ex-spouse’s family tree in “Your family tree is growing” emails. My mother got rather upset when she had to see all the names of my dad’s family that was added.

  • Robin

    For adding parents of half-siblings (or other relatives) when those persons’ complete names are unknown: I simply create that parent’s entry in the tree, and enter a question mark (?) in whatever name fields I don’t know. If nothing else, it creates visual reminder for me to find out what the names actually are, and acts as a “place holder” for that person’s position in the tree until I do.

  • Jessica

    I also have a case where my grandfather and his brother married my grandmother and her sister and have no way of connecting them without starting two totally new (and redundant) family trees. And my grandfather’s brother married their cousin. And I would REALLY like the option to add and designate adopted/foster children. I have an aunt and uncle who are biological brother and sister but my grandparents never legally adopted them. It would be great if I could show they were biologically related, with birth order, and independent from the other natural children under my grandparents. One more thing (last one, I promise!!) I know there are a few illegitimate children out there. How do we add those while keeping them seperate from childen born through marriage?

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