Not an April Fools’ Joke: PM David Cameron and Kim Kardashian ARE Related

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As British Prime Minister David Cameron begins his re-election campaign, he’s made an interesting revelation about his family history.

In an interview with Heat, Cameron confirmed that he and Kim Kardashian are 13th cousins! How did he come to this revelation? Why Geni’s World Family Tree of course!

This relationship was originally reported in two articles in the Daily Mail, following research done by AJ Jacobs, who’s been using Geni’s World Family Tree for his Global Family Reunion project. AJ will be hosting the world’s largest family reunion in New York City on June 6, 2015.


David Cameron and Kim Kardashian relationship path on (click to see the full path)

The goal of Geni has always been to create the definitive family tree of the entire world. One of the greatest benefits of connecting to a single family tree is discovering how you are related to friends, celebrities and historical figures. Built from the collaborative research of millions of genealogists, Geni’s World Family Tree has grown to nearly 90 million profiles, with more and more added every second. A dedicated and hard working group of volunteer Curators help to ensure the accuracy of the World Family Tree.

Watch PM David Cameron talk about his celebrity relationship:

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