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History: Bastille Day

Posted July 14, 2015 by Amanda | No Comment
Bastille Day

Do you have French ancestry in your family tree? Today France celebrates Bastille Day to commemorate the storming of the notorious prison fortress. Here are some interesting facts about the French holiday: On July 14, 1789, French revolutionaries stormed the medieval fortress that served as a symbol of the Bourbon monarchy’s tyranny. A few years later, King Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette, would be executed by guillotine. The event sparked the beginning of the French Revolution…. Read the full story

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Remembering Hollywood Icon Omar Sharif

Posted July 10, 2015 by Amanda | No Comment

News broke today that celebrated actor Omar Sharif passed away July 10, 2015 at the age of 83. Known for his roles in Doctor Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia, Sharif was a Hollywood legend. In honor of his memory, here are some things you may not have known about the international star: 1. He was born Michel Demetri Chalhoub in Alexandria, Egypt on April 10, 1932. In 1955, he changed his name after marring his co-star Faten… Read the full story

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Family History Activities for the Summertime

Posted July 8, 2015 by Amanda | 2 Comments

Now that summer is in full swing, you can take advantage of these long days to do more with your genealogy research. There are plenty of outdoor and indoor activities to get your family more involved and interested in your family history. Here are some activities to keep you and your family occupied this summer: Take a genealogy trip Image: Missouri State Archives Ready for a summer vacation out of town? Take a genealogy-themed trip to visit… Read the full story

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Independence Day: Fun Facts About July 4th

Posted July 3, 2015 by Amanda | One Comment

On July 4, the United States celebrates Independence Day! On this day, the entire country celebrates the adoption of one of the most important documents the history of the nation, the Declaration of Independence. Drafted by Thomas Jefferson, the document declared the 13 American colonies freedom and independence from the British Empire. As we prepare to celebrate with fireworks, parades and barbecues, check out these fun facts about the holiday: 1. John Hancock, the President of… Read the full story

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Profile of the Day: Nicholas Winton

Posted July 2, 2015 by Amanda | 2 Comments
Profile of the Day: Nicholas Winton

Today we remember Holocaust hero Nicholas Winton, who passed away yesterday at the age of 106. Nicholas George Wertheim was born on May 19, 1909 in Hampstead, London. Often called the “British Schindler,” Winton was a young stockbroker when he organized the transport of 669 Jewish children out of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to Britain in 1939. His actions saved the lives of hundreds Jewish children who would have been destined for Nazi concentration camps. Shortly before Christmas in 1938, Winton had… Read the full story

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Geni Tips: How to Add Sources to Profiles

Posted June 30, 2015 by Amanda | 6 Comments

A few weeks ago, we shared how you can add documents to your Geni profiles. Today, we will go over how you can add a document as a source to support the information on your family’s Geni profiles. Adding documents and tagging profiles are just one part of documenting your genealogy research on Geni. It’s easy to illustrate how the documents you’ve added support, prove or disprove the facts in your family tree. Let’s discover how by following the example… Read the full story

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Modern Names for Old Diseases

Posted June 26, 2015 by Amanda | 2 Comments

Did your ancestor die from bad blood? Or a fatty liver? Have you found yourself wondering what jail fever could be? Your ancestors’ cause of death can be found in several different historical records, including death certificates, obituaries and probate records. The names of many diseases vary over time and geographical location, so it’s not at all surprising to come across an unfamiliar cause of death or illness during your research. Image: Miami University Libraries… Read the full story

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Patents: The Typewriter

Posted June 23, 2015 by Amanda | No Comment

Do you remember the days of using a typewriter? After the introduction of the first commercially successful typewriter, the mechanical marvel quickly became an indispensable tool, transforming the way the world communicated in both business and the home. 1868 patent drawing for Shole’s typewriter / National Archives (click to view patent) Although various forms of the typewriter had been around for many years, the first practical and commercially successful typewriter was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes, a newspaper publisher… Read the full story

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The History of Father’s Day

Posted June 19, 2015 by Amanda | No Comment
History of Father's Day | Geni

This Sunday the U.S. celebrates Father’s Day in honor of all the fathers, grandfathers and other paternal figures in our lives. Celebrations often include family get-togethers and barbecues. Father’s Day had long been celebrated before it became and official holiday in 1972. The founding of Father’s Day is credited to Sonora Louise Smart of Spokane, Washington. Inspired by Mother’s Day, Sonora sought to establish a day to honor her father’s sacrifices and hard work. Her father… Read the full story

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7 Unexpected Places to Discover Clues to Your Family History

Posted June 16, 2015 by Amanda | No Comment
7 Unexpected Places to Find Clues to Your Family History | Geni

As genealogists, we’re always searching for clues about our ancestors. Some of the first documents we search for are census records, birth and death certificates, obituaries and other commonly used sources. However, there are many, many other places you can search to find clues to help you breakthrough your brick walls. Check out some unexpected places to find clues to your family history: Image: pixagraphic, Flickr 1. Fraternal organizations Have you found acronyms or symbols on your… Read the full story