President Obama’s Cousins: Elvis, Buffett, Palin, and… You?

Posted May 13, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

You've probably seen stories about how President Barack Obama is related to Warren Buffet and other famous people. DId you know that on Geni, not only can actually see how Obama is connected to his famous relatives, but you can even discover how you are related to Obama?

That's right, Barack Obama already has 841 blood relatives using Geni. As you build your tree out and use tree matches to add new branches, you could discover how you are related to Obama.

Here is a sampling of some popular Geni profiles that are related to Obama. Click on a link below to view their exact relationship, and see if you recognize any surnames from your family tree.

President Barack Obama is

Have you added enough ancestors to connect you to Barack Obama?
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