Profile of the Day: Charles Perrault

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Profile of the Day: Charles Perrault

Charles Perrault

What’s your favorite fairy tale? 390 years ago today, French author Charles Perrault was born in Paris, France. Sometimes referred to as the “father of the fairy tale,” Perrault wrote some of the most beloved and recognizable fairy tale stories in literary history.

Perrault was born into a wealthy bourgeois family. He worked in the government before deciding to dedicate himself to his children. He wrote several stories, many derived from pre-existing folk tales, and published them in Tales and Stories of the Past with Morals, subtitled Tales of Mother Goose in 1697. Many of his stories are still popular to this day, such as “Cinderella,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Sleeping Beauty,” and “Puss in Boots.” Although his stories were written to amuse children, they were also popular amongst aristocrats in Parisian literary salons and at the French court.

Perrault died on May 16, 1703 at the age of 75.

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