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Colonel Sanders

Today we celebrate fried chicken entrepreneur Colonel Sanders‘s 123rd birthday! On September 9, 1890, he was born Harland David Sanders in Henryville, Indiana to Wilber David and Margaret Ann Sanders.

At the age of 40, Sanders was running a service station in Kentucky which catered to feeding traveling customers. Over the years, he perfected his “Secret Recipe” for fried chicken. His food was so notable that he was eventually named a Kentucky Colonel in 1949 by the governor. By the 1950s, he successfully franchised his fried chicken business, forming the world’s largest fast-food chicken chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Have you had the colonel’s famous chicken?

Colonel Sanders is connected to over 70 million people in Geni’s World Family Tree. How are you related?


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  • Anthony E. Sanders

    I am garlands great great great nephew you can call me a liar but I know the truth

    • Anthony E. Sanders

      Harland * typo in using a phone