Profile of the Day: Hans Christian Andersen

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Profile of the Day: Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen

What was your favorite fairy tale growing up? Today we celebrate the 213th birthday of fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen! Known for writing some of the world’s most popular fairy tales, Andersen’s stories have been translated into more than 125 languages and have been adapted into numerous films, plays, and even ballets.

Andersen was born in Odense, Denmark on April 2, 1805. He was the only child of Hans Andersen, Sr. and Anne Marie Andersdatter, although unsubstantiated rumors speculated that he was an illegitimate member of the Danish royal family. Andersen was first introduced to literature by his father, who read him Arabian Nights before his death when Andersen was 11.

After starting off working as an actor in a theater, Andersen turned his focus to writing. A prolific writer, Andersen wrote plays, travelogues, poems, and novels. However, he would become best known for his fairy tale stories, which made lessons in virtue and resilience in the face of adversity accessible to children. Some of his most famous fairy tales include “The Little Mermaid,” “The Ugly Duckling,” and “The Snow Queen.”

Every year, the anniversary of his birth is celebrated as International Children’s Book Day. Explore Hans Christian Andersen’s family tree on Geni and share your favorite children’s book in the comments below!

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