Profile of the Day: James Joyce

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Profile of the Day: James Joyce

James Joyce

Happy Bloomsday! The day celebrates the work of Irish writer James Joyce, whose most famous novel, Ulysses, takes place entirely on June 16, 1904.

Bloomsday is observed annually on June 16 in Dublin, Ireland and other places throughout the world. The day is celebrated with a variety of events from public readings of Ulysses to pub crawls. Avid readers will often dress in Edwardian costumes and retrace Ulysses protagonist Leopold Bloom’s route around Dublin.

The date, June 16, held a special place in Joyce’s heart. It was the day he first met his wife, Nora Barnacle.

Today Joyce is remembered as one of the most influential and important authors of the 20th century.

How are you related to James Joyce? Explore his family tree and share your connection to the author.

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