Profile of the Day: John Tyler

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John Tyler

On June 26, 1844, President John Tyler became the first president to marry while in office. At the age of 54, he married for the second time to 24-year-old Julia Gardiner. His first wife, with whom he had 8 children, died of a stroke two years earlier.

The couple’s road to marriage began with an unfortunate tragedy and narrow escape. Julia, her sister and her father had joined a presidential excursion on the new steam frigate U.S.S. Princeton. During the cruise, a cannon exploded, taking the life of several passengers, including Julia’s father. Tyler comforted Julia during her grief, and soon after, she accepted his proposal to marry. Tyler would go on to father seven more children with Julia. 

Did you know that Tyler still has two living grandsons through his son Lyon Gardiner Tyler? Tyler holds the distinction of being the earliest former president with living grandchildren.

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