Profile of the Day: Lucy Maud Montgomery

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Profile of the Day: Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Do you remember reading Anne of Green Gables? On this day in 1942, author Lucy Maud Montgomery died at the age of 67.

Montgomery was born on November 30, 1874 in Clifton in Prince Edward Island, Canada to Hugh John Montgomery and Clara Woolner Macneill. When she was 21 months old, her mother died of tuberculosis and she was placed in the care of her maternal grandparents. An only child, Montgomery found solace in writing during her childhood and kept a journal throughout her life.

In 1908, Montgomery published her first and most famous novel, Anne of Green Gables, which centered around an orphaned girl named Anne. The novel was an instant success and made Montgomery an internationally recognized author. She followed up on the success of the novel with a series of sequels featuring Anne as the central character. A prolific writer, Montgomery would go on to publish 20 novels and hundreds of poems and short stories throughout her career. She set most of her stories on Prince Edward Island, which has since become a literary landmark and a popular tourist site.

On April 24, 1942, Montgomery died in her home at the age of 67. She was buried in the Cavendish cemetery on Prince Edward Island.

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