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Margaret Thatcher

On October 13, 1925 former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was born. In 1979, she became the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of the UK.

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  • Magnjo

    Some people told me that I am related to Margaret ,but I want the necessary wittnesses for that . I think her Profile are direct closed for other outside for example The Faroe Islands. I am Geni Member under my full name: Magnus Torstein Jogvanson Johansen , Hometown in Ejde ,The Faroe Islands. In Great Britain I a related to Elsabe (Elzabeth Gibbon) Engeandten ,married Peter Peters ( De La Pierre) who Family origin was from Flandern. He came to England to reside later after they was living in Bergenhausen in Germany,he died in Budenbach  in Germany  allow. Elizabeth was of the Royal Family in England I have had discover with Churchregister-Copy,s and a litle explanation from St. Alphage Church in Canterbury in England. here was also one Rebeckah Isaack ,North Hill in Cornwall  England ,married  another Peter Peters  as his first wife ,the next was Susannah Daw and so on. Chery Mr. Magnus from Faroes. Happy Christmas.!!!