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Posted July 26, 2013 by Amanda | 4 Comments

Mick Jagger

Happy birthday, Mick Jagger! Can you believe the legendary rock star is turning 70? It’s been half a century since Mick first took the stage with The Rolling Stones and today he’s still going strong with his iconic moves and sound as the band continues to tour around the world.

What’s your favorite Rolling Stones song?

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  • larry

    Amanda, I couldn’t find how to ask a question on the blog post about matching value indicators, so I’m asking here. I really like the indicator, however, when I see a red number at the top of my screen (presumably indicating I have new matches), how do I find the new ones? I have 20 pages of matches and I’ve reviewed many of them and resorted them. How can I tell the most recent ones without having to go through each page?


    • geniblog


      New matches will appear in your Merge Center with a red “New” tag next to them. We’re also working on improvements to alert you of new matches, including notification emails when new matches are found.

      • LarryD 517

        Thanks, I know about the red ones, but if I have 200+ matches and 20+ are red NEW matches. I go in and review them.
        Then, on a later date, I’ll get a red indicator on the top of the page alerting me to the fact that I have a new match. If I go in to see the newest match, I get the same list of 200+ matches with a bunch of red NEW matches, some I’ve seen, but I have no way of knowing which are the most recently added matches. As a result, I have to go through all of the 200+ matches (over and over) each time a new match is found.
        I’m looking for a way to view the new matches, chronologically, so I can find the ones that haven’t been previously viewed.
        I hope that makes sense.

        • geniblog

          Thanks for your feedback. I’ll pass it along to the team.