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Do you have French ancestry in your family tree? On this day in 1808, Napoleon III was born in Paris, France.

Image: Napoleon III / Library of Congress

The nephew and heir of Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon III grew up in exile. Determined to return to France and regain the French crown, Napoleon began asserting his views in political writings and even attempted a failed coup.

Following the Revolution of 1848, Napoleon seized the opportunity to return to France and run for the presidency. In December of 1848, he was elected President of the French Second Republic in a landslide victory. Once in power, Napoleon was determined to retain his position by any means. In 1851, he initiated a coup d’etat that would make him Emperor of France.

After a crushing defeat in the Franco-Prussian War, the Second French Empire fell and Napoleon III was deposed. He died in exile in 1973.

Fun fact: Napoleon III holds the distinction of being both the first titular president and the last monarch of France.

How are you related to Napoleon III? Explore his family tree and discover your connection to the former French ruler!

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