Profile of the Day: Napoleon III

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Profile of the Day: Napoleon III

Napoleon III

On this day in 1808, Napoleon III was born in Paris, France. The nephew and only heir to Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon was the first Head of State of France to hold the title of President. After being barred from running for a second term, he organized a coup in 1851 and took the throne as Napoleon III.

He was born Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte on April 20, 1808. He was the third son of Louis Bonaparte, the King of Holland and younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, and Hortense de Beauharnais, who was the daughter of Empress Joséphine from her first marriage. The empress had proposed the marriage as a way to produce an heir for the French emperor. After Napoleon Bonaparte’s defeat at Waterloo in 1815, the entire Bonaparte dynasty was forced into exile.

Napoleon grew up in exile in Switzerland, but was determined to one day regain the French crown. After the Revolution of 1848, he saw his opportunity to return to France. In 1850, Napoleon was elected the first president of the Second Republic by a direct popular vote. However, when he was barred by the French constitution from running for a second term, Napoleon led a coup d`état and seized control. He declared himself emperor and ruled as Napoleon III.

His reign as emperor ended in 1870 after a crushing defeat during the Franco-Prussian War. The loss marked the fall of the Second French Empire. Napoleon was deposed and lived the remainder of his life in exile.

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