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Posted August 18, 2011 by Amanda | 3 Comments

Patrick Swayze

On August 18, 1952 actor Patrick Swayze was born in Houston, Texas. Today, he is fondly remembered as the romantic lead in the films Dirty Dancing and Ghost. Sadly, Swayze lost his battle with cancer on September 14, 2009. How are you related?

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  • Larry Michael Norris

    To everyone who will read this..I never got the chance to meet Patrick Swayze in person,But ever sence he was the leading man in Dirty Dancing I was always told form that time on that I resemble this wonderful Man.I’ll be able to take it to my grave…:) Larry N

  • Larry Michael Norris

    Patrick I was told was a very kind and loved human being,who no matter how hard you tryed to not like him,Couldn’t help but love this wonderfull Dirty Dancing star that millions of people around the world loved.Theirs not one person anywere who dosn’t have atleast one of his movies.He was so well liked all over the world,And on September 14th lets all think about Patrick Swayze.I know that I will be.He was and to this day still is my brother from another mother..

  • Larry Michael Norris

    I remember someone telling me when I was coming out of a theater after watching Next of Kin,That I looked like Patrick Swayze.I just remember feeling so good that day.I mean theirs not alot of men who can say that they have been told that they look like one of the most sexyest men in Hollywood.When Patrick  passed away,I felt like I truly lost a brother.I’m just the kinda guy who always lets his heart get in the way,all the time.