Profile of the Day: Pedro I of Brazil

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Profile of the Day: Pedro I of Brazil

Pedro I of Brazil

On this day in 1798, Pedro I of Brazil was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Nicknamed  “the Liberator,” Pedro declared Brazil’s independence from Portugal in 1822 and became the country’s first Emperor.

Generally known as Dom Pedro, he was the fourth child of King John VI of Portugal and Carlota Joaquina, who was the daughter of King Carlos IV of Spain. When Napoleon conquered Portugal in 1807, the royal family fled to Brazil, Portugal’s largest and wealthiest colony. The outbreak of the Liberal Revolution of 1820 led his father to return to Portugal, leaving Dom Pedro to rule Brazil as regent.

Faced with threats from revolutionaries and mutinous Portuguese troops and little support from the Portuguese crown, Dom Pedro took matters into his own hands. On September 7, 1822, Dom Pedro succeeded in declaring independence from Portugal. He was named emperor a few short months later. Today, Brazil celebrates their Independence Day on September 7.

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