Profile of the Day: Simon Bolivar

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Profile of the Day: Simon Bolivar

Simón Bolívar

On this day in 1783, Venezuelan military leader and politician Simón Bolívar was born. Called “The Liberator,” Bolívar was instrumental in Latin America’s successful struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire.

Bolívar was born into a wealthy family in a house in Caracas, Captaincy General of Venezuela on July 24, 1783. Before the age of ten, Bolivar had lost both of his parents. His father died when he was three and his mother passed away six years later. After the death of his parents, Bolívar was taken under the care of his uncle and at the age of 16, he was sent to Spain to complete his education.

After Napoleon I invaded Spain, Bolívar returned to Venezuela to join the Latin American independence movement against the Spanish monarchy. As a key military figure of the movement, Bolivar successfully led military campaigns to liberate Latin America of Spanish rule. He helped establish Gran Colombia, which was made up of what is today Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama and Peru. Bolívar was hailed as “El Libertador” (the Liberator) for his significant role during Latin America’s struggle for independence.

Bolívar died of tuberculosis on December 17, 1830 at the age of 47. Today, Boliívar is remembered as one of the most influential figures in Latin American history.

Fun fact: Did you know that the country of Bolivia was named after Bolívar?

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  • Lantrix

    I had just been watching the TV series El Ministerio del Tiempo ( and they have a few episodes with Simon Bolivar involved, covering the period when he was in Spain and had met his yet to be first wife, and then the period when he was in South America. Super interesting to see the real genealogical history of this man.