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William Bradford

This Thursday, the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving. One of the most significant figures of this national holiday is William Bradford, an English leader of the settlers of the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts who served as its governor for over 30 years. In November 1621 after the Pilgrim’s first successful harvest, Bradford organized a celebratory feast and invited the colony’s Native American allies to join. The celebration is remembered today as the first Thanksgiving.

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  • Terry

    Where’s the profile of the day for 24th, 25th & 26th November?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Terry,

      We had a long holiday weekend for Thanksgiving, so there was no new profile of the day for the 24th and 25th. And the 26th was a Saturday, we don’t post on the weekends.


  • Terry

    I realised why one profile of the day lasted for 4 days, my point is that as an international site is this acceptable?  Not everyone in the world was celebrating Thanksgiving. It is a USA only celebration, so having to view a US, Thanksgiving related profile for 4 days on a site that is selling itself as international grates on the nerves a bit.  The question you might ask yourself is ‘would this be acceptable to sites like Google?’ I don’t think Google has left a feature on for more than 24 hours, correct me if I’m wrong.  I also realise that with staff restrictions what I am suggesting may be difficult to achieve however there may  be an automated way of lining up the POTDs so that they go online on  a conveyor belt type system so that holidays and weekends don’t get missed.  Alternatively perhaps there’s a way the curators could be used to fill the gaps.