Profile of the Day: William IV

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On this day in 1765, William IV of the United Kingdom was born. The third son of George III, William became king after the death of his elder brother George IV.

Profile of the Day: William IV

William was born at Buckingham Palace on August 21, 1765. As the third son born to King George III and Queen Charlotte, William was never expected to inherit the crown. He joined the Royal Navy at the age of 13 and served in New York during the American Revolutionary War. During the war, George Washington had approved of a plot to kidnap him, however, the plans leaked and the plot was never attempted.

After his two older brothers died without an heir, William ascended to the throne at the age of 64. William reigned until his death in 1837. With no surviving legitimate children at the time of his death, William was succeeded by his niece Victoria.

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