Profile Options have Moved

Posted March 31, 2011 by Geni | 2 Comments

Options have moved on the Profile Page

The Options drop-down menu on any given profile page has been moved. Now when you load up a profile page, the Options drop-down will be in the top right-hand corner right next to the Follow/Unfollow button. This is much more easy to find, and we think you’ll like it a lot.


  • spaetzel

    This change doesn’t make much sense. All of the options relate to “Edit Profile” as they all edit that profile, and should be beneath that link. nnThe links there affect the profile you are viewing, however the “Follow” button affects the user’s view of that profile, so it should be outside the main profile box.nnWith this change, if I want to edit a profile and am not sure where to find the link, I now need to look in two places, instead of the one list, then the drop down list that was right below the “Edit” link.

  • Gupta Anchit

    i agree. liked the previous version much better