Project Enhancements

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Projects were first introduced a couple of weeks ago as a way to organize groups of profiles, usually around a specific family, surname, place or event. Users have found some really interesting uses for projects, and almost 200 projects have already been created. Today we’re introducing the following enhancements to projects:

Project Discussions

Every project now has its own list of discussions. Use the Project Discussions link to view a list of threads related to that project, or start your own. This is a great way to have discussions specifically related to the project and project profiles. Don’t forget to follow discussions that you’re interested in to receive notifications of replies.

Following Projects

Use the Follow button to follow projects that you’re interested in.

You’ll receive updates on your home page when the project is updated, when profiles are added, or when someone starts a new project discussion. This is a great way to get started on projects. You can follow as many projects as you want, so look through the list of projects for a few that interest you. And if you don’t find any that interest you – go ahead and start your own!

Adding profiles to projects

Now you can add any public profile you can edit to any of your projects. Use the “Add to project” link from a profile’s “More Actions” menu to add the profile to a project. Make sure you follow the project first so it will appear on your list of projects. Before you add a profile to a project, make sure that it belongs in that project. Usually the main project page will make the scope of the project clear.

Please note that user who collaborate on the project will be able to edit and merge any profiles you add to the project.

View the list of Projects


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