RootsTech 2012 – Privacy in a Collaborative Environment

Posted February 9, 2012 by Amanda | One Comment

RootsTech did a great job streaming several of the presentations live. Did you catch Noah Tutak’s session online? Here are the slides to his presentation, “Privacy in a Collaborative Environment.”


When we work together on genealogy, we’re no longer are constrained to “My tree” or “Your tree.” Suddenly, we’re all working on “Our tree.” In this presentation, Noah Tutak, CEO of, will explain how to properly handle private and public data in a collaborative genealogical environment.

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  • Racibo

     There was queastions? Because I was waiting when Noah say something about changes in november. Now is completely different site than in 2009. Last year was podcast about changes (“geni pro get much more better”), now free users don’t have tools for building familly tree.