Rootstech 2012 Recap

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We had a great time meeting everybody at Rootstech in Salt Lake City, Utah. Charles and I were joined by our CEO Noah Tutak, CTO Justin Balthrop and our amazing engineer Michael Berkovich. We had a blast talking to many Geni users who stopped by the booth. Many even came in Geni T-shirts! The first day kicked off on a high note. In Thursday’s keynote, Geni was mentioned during the announcement of a new Chrome browser extension. The extension can automatically look up information for Geni profiles on Family Search. Very exciting!

Another high point was seeing Family Search’s Jimmy Zimmerman win the Grand Prize in the RootsTech Developer Challenge for NoteFuser. NoteFuser easily connects your notes from Evernote to your profiles on Geni or So if you use Evernote, you may find NoteFuser really helpful.

We had a great audience for all of our sessions at Rootstech. For those of you who were unable to attend, we’ll try posting the slides from the presentations soon. For the developer sessions, Justin presented “Technical Roots of the World Family Tree”  and Michael presented “Better Genealogy Through APIs.” Charles gave a great presentation about collaborative genealogy on Geni. And did you catch Noah’s presentation, “Privacy in a Collaborative Environment,” streaming live? It contained lots of interesting information about maintaining privacy while collaborating online.

It was exciting to see all the new ideas and the continued advancements of technology in the world of genealogy. We heard some great feedback from many genealogists and bloggers and gave out lots of Geni schwag. We can’t wait to return next year! Next up will be the NGS Family History Conference May 9 in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you are planning to attend, be sure to come by the Geni booth to say “Hi!”

Check out our photo gallery below! And see our Facebook page for more photos!

Rootstech Photo Gallery

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