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Posted November 1, 2012 by Amanda | 12 Comments

It’s November, which means it’s that time of year when we traditionally take time to acknowledge all the things we are thankful for – family, friends, those we love and cherish. We wanted to take the time to thank and acknowledge all of the amazing Curators and the tremendous work they all do to help the Geni community.

We’re calling November “Curator Appreciation Month.” Have you ever asked a Curator for help with your family tree? Here’s your opportunity to share with everyone your experiences and give thanks to this hard working group of volunteers. As an added bonus, when you submit your story, you will be entered for the chance to win a free 6-month Geni Pro subscription. Simply follow the instructions below on how to enter.

A winner will be announced at the end of each week (with the exception of this Friday) and their story featured on the Geni blog. All Geni users are eligible to enter, so be sure to submit your stories by 12:00 pm PST on November 30, 2012 for your chance to win. Once all the entries are collected at the end of the month, we’ll announce the winner of our Grand Prize – a  free year of Geni Pro and a special gift pack chock-full of Geni goodies!

How to Enter:

Submit your stories now by filling out this form.

You must provide the email address you use to login to your Geni account.


  1. You must provide a valid email address to enter.
  2. You must have a Geni account.
  3. For your entry to be valid, you must follow the steps in the “How to Enter” section.
  4. All entries must be received by November 30, 2012 12:00 pm PST.
  5. Contests/giveaways must be legal in the area in which you live to participate.
  6. If you win the grand prize, you must respond within five days to the notification email to claim your prize.
  7. Winners will be randomly chosen from valid entries. Your odds of winning depend on the number of entries.
  8. Multiple entries accepted as long as they are unique stories.
  9. We reserve the right to update the rules at any time without notification.

Have fun and good luck!

Click here to submit your story now!


Post written by Amanda

Amanda is the Social Media Coordinator at Geni. If you need any assistance, she will be happy to help!

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  • R_Foretich

    Twice I tried to send my story, but I get no response received. Is there any maximum on the size of the text to be sent?

    • geniblog


      We received both your submissions. There is no maximum text count.

  • maryam kamel

    This is a very good idea – finding the family tree also updates include contact details… I love this site.. The best family tree site..

  • Maryam Kamel

    This is a very good idea – finding the family tree also updates include
    contact details… I love this site.. The best family tree site..

    • geniblog

      Thanks, Maryam! We’re glad you’re enjoying Geni!

  • Kazi

    what do you mean by a “curator” story?

  • Luiz Inglês

    I am sorry but my subject has nothing to do with this matter, but I need HELP! I am a member of Geni but I changed my email and can’t find a place to submit the modification. Please help me and tell me where do I make this change. My old and desabled email: . My new email: . Thanks, Luiz Inglês

  • dmorco

    I posted my story 2 days ago but never received any confirmation or can see a copy of what I wrote. My article was cut off in mid sentence, could not add any more or edit it. Was my article ever received or should I make up another one?

  • Vinod Kumar Rathore

    In India ,particularly in Hindus there is a tradition since ages that after the death of every family member, someone from family visits Haridwar and immerse the ashes of the deceased in the holy Ganges- a sacred river.Every family has a Priest there,who enters the name of deceased and keeps the records manually. He also records the details like who had come to immerse the ashes for whom. A family Tree is created there by the Priest family and the Priests have their defined Areas from where their clients come from. Since the tradition is age old and the records are kept manually it is quite difficult to to keep track of family tree being preserved by the priest family.

    this was why I traced the family record from elders and the family records and created my family tree. This has helped me to trace records of our 6-7 generations.

  • greenecoingennut

    Who was the winner of th 1 year nothing has been given but the ones who one 6 month

  • Deisi Vaz Pinto

    Amanda, why do you repeat so often the same profiles in the “Profile of de Day” ?
    There are a lot of life in the World out of the restrict American movie-life. My
    suggestion: fill up the natural lack of history knowlegement in your countruy about the out-side-world, by using world-lists, as Nobel Prize list of winners. For instance.