Tamura Jones Previews AncestorSync

Posted June 3, 2011 by Geni | 2 Comments

If you’re interested in learning more about the very exciting product from Real-Time Collaboration called AncestorSync, you’ll want to read the in-depth AncestorSync Preview by Tamura Jones. This long-form preview really shows off how impressive the technology is. If you’re a user of desktop software, Geni, or both, you should be very excited about the possibilities of AncestorSync.

Also of note, Dovy (of Real-Time Collaboration fame) and I recently did a webinar showing off some of the best parts of the software. Look for that to be posted very soon. We’ll be covering this quite a bit as we lead up to Jamboree.


  • Bob Peel

    This looks like an interesting product. u00a0Especially considering that Geni has not added a way to upload a Gedcom file. u00a0I want to give it a try.u00a0

    • Anonymous

      We used to have GEDCOM import, but it caused way too many issues.